Spring Memory Game

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$ 4.86

Print and Play this colorful, fun matching/memory game specially designed for the Spring season.

This memory game Includes images and words of Spring.

There are two sets of cards to choose from:

Set 1: Cards with images, suitable more for the little learners’ preschool and kindergarten.

Set 2: Cards with images and Spring words in English to match the right image.

             Suitable for primary school grade 1-2, and homeschooling.

This product contains 48 pieces, 24 cards in each set.

The size of each card: 2.4″ x 2.4″ inch

You will find these Spring words on the cards:

  • bee 
  • birdhouse 
  • bird 
  • butterfly 
  • umbrella 
  • boots 
  • dragonfly 
  • frog
  • ladybug 
  • rain 
  • leaf 
  • rainbow 
  • sun 
  • chick 
  • duckling 
  • jacket 
  • caterpillar
  • nest 
  • tulip 
  • rabbit 
  • daisy 
  • sprout 
  • shirt 
  • scarf

How to prepare the cards:

  1. Print in color on a cardstock paper.
  2. If possible, we highly recommend you laminate it, and this will make the cards much more durable. 
  3. Cut the cards using a ruler and a cutting knife or have a guillotine paper cutter.

How to play:

Arrange the cards with their face down, each player in his/her turn should 

turn only two cards, if these cards are identical, then player keep these cards,

if not similar, he/she place them back, face down to the same place they were before.

The winner is the one who has the highest amount of pairs.