Summer Season - Clipart - Popsicle Frames and Backgrounds

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$ 4.86

Summer popsicle frames and backgrounds for your class decoration, activities, task cards,

bulletin boards, end of year presents and more. Colorful and Black & White.

☆ You can choose a shape for your frame: circle, square or rectangle.

  • The Frames are without fill.
  • Backgrounds size 10 x 10 inches with a white fill.

Include 29 images of PNG files:

  • 7 Popsicle circle frames without fill. (includes BW)
  • 7 Popsicle square frames without fill. (includes BW)
  • 7 Popsicle rectangle frames without fill. (includes BW)
  • 8 Popsicle backgrounds with white fill. (includes BW)

Terms of use:

**Content can be downloaded and printed for your own personal and commercial teaching resources.

If you choose to use this product commercially, simply give credit back to Planerium; use our logo,

and a clickable link to our Website you will find more details in the downloadable product.